Anna Family Group


What I did
  • Idea
  • Mockup
  • Preprint
  • Translation to English
In my team
  • ??‍♀️ Lilia Derkach
  • ✍️ Valeria Titcheva

Elegant menu design with a lot of graphic elements

Basically this was a mis of traditional newspaper and classic menu. Why? Coz some pages was really dedicated to texts. Some good explanation about top-dish of the restaurant. Some good old Georgian proverbs. And some smart and funny quotes that really untranslatable in any language but Russian. It was quite a challenge to make a good and big menu with unique and beautiful photos which I also made.

Design and mockup

It was about 16 versions of the menu till we’ve got to the final one. And only after that we was able to made an English version (main one is in Russian). Also in Russia we make additional 1 page seasonal menu which is slightly different

Some interesting details

Georgian proverbs

Georgian language, as an alphabet is quite a thing. It’s pretty far from my native language which is Russian but standing really close to my soul. I was happy to learn a lot of new thing making this menu

Funny quotes

I designed some pieces of paper which you can find everywhere in this menu. They’re full of proverbs and explanations about Georgian culture

Color & material

For this hi-end class restauraunt in Sochi, Russia I choose light wooden colors with a touch of craft paper. This made a perfect contrast in restaurants ambient made a menu pop-up