What I did
  • Web design
  • Mockup of pages
  • Shop design

This project and exists only as an archive on my website

I’m writing this row in 2020 to translate page about this old project in English. If you will search the word “europlast” it’ll be 1,070,000 results. So this brand is a popular but really decentralised. But main factory which made this kind of plastic decor has a same name and a same colors

Color & material

It is official colors chosen by BrandBook of the Europlast. All the products of this company when they sold have the same color. It’s light grey. And then its been painted on any color client will choose







Design and mockup

It was about 16 versions of the menu till we’ve got to the final one. And only after that we was able to made an English version (main one is in Russian). Also in Russia we make additional 1 page seasonal menu which is slightly different

In addition I made a template for the seasonal menu

Summer 2016

Was made several menus for summer 2016 and we’ve choose this colorful one

And then...

Using this template restaurant was able to make additional season menus for the rest of the year