BEFORE: Basically this is what they had at the beginning

It was a simple menu. Made many years ago at the pre-COVID era. As every menu in Amalfi Coast. And it was fine coz business owners didn’t bother about stuff like that. It’s worked. But now it’s time to change

AFTER: Creative design menu for little bar in town and beach area

Now it’s a huge menu printed on a piece of plastic 850×750 mm, which client can see from the distance. Made in an exaggerated and carnival style. Firstly, it was an owner demand, and secondly, each picture suggests an idea to get something to every person passing by


The most challenging thing was to create clean and bright menu with everything that they can offer. And put a lot of photos which could attract the local tourist

Color & material

One menu located on a main square and another one on a beach area. The best solution of this both pretty sunny paces was make a really contrast menu make it easily to read and pop up during day and night time

Washed Blue




Orange Yellow


This is my design you can find in the town and the beach area

Due to new law every public place in Amalfi coast should have a menu safe for all the costumers, so I've made a digital menu and QR code to open it

Same menu at the beach area of Atrani

Some products are so unique that it was necessary to make a photo of them. For example, this one is Pasticiotto Atranese

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