Yaaayyy!!! I’m making videos now

Most interesting thing in design now is a motion design. Everything in a movement. Everyone communicating with their phones and cameras. An the best way to tell stories without speaking is filming them put them on fire with awesome music

It's time to make moves

I feel the feedback that every video brings to me.

Challenge myself

To make a picture in a movement you need to keep a lot of thing in your head. And push it to the limit

Never stop learning

Video editing and filming is a perfect world for me to dive in

Walking over Atrani. Video for my hotel

Internet is a world of cats and food

My cat 1:14

“Internet should be full of cats”  – this is what I had in mind testing video on my camera

Ad for the restauraunt 1:05

I filmed a video how chef Antonio Vellucci making my favourite pasta

Seaport of Amalfi by Night

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