Handmade natural leather band

Creative company OSW leather was really kind to make branded Apple Watch band with my own design for me

Best things are those that reflect your personality and expand your creative thinking

Design and idea
  • Gregory Smirnov


The particular thing was do not let the Digital Crown to overlap the band, not matter what side you wearing it.

Even after moths of using this quality band still good as new


Italian leather, hand dyeing, hand aniline trim, hand waxed piercing


Comfort in any way and really bright color

No matter how you deliver the watch, it will be comfortable to use.

OSW Leather: It was challenge to leave the sensors at a good level of performance, which we also successfully coped with.

The central part is ~2.2mm thick, which allows the watch to fit freely to the hand. Made of genuine Italian calf leather, dyed and hand stitched.

Colour of leather: Chestnut Smoke.
Colour of thread:
Dark brown.
Length 130/95 (size L).
Engraving of the customer logo.

Gregory Smirnov

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