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I do not claim any sacral knowledge or special expert opinion on advertising in Italy and in any place in the the world. I came to this market from Russia. And with all respect to Italy, its inner advertising market is many steps behind same in Russia.

Design is useless?

Businessmen of the Amalfi and Salerno are ready to pay for the services. But they’re didn’t see a point. Everyone can use computer and photoshop-like app or even web service, so, why anyone would pay for such a service?

Or is it?

Quick example: you can order an excellent prepared lobster in restaurant, and if they bring it to you on a piece of yesterday’s newspapper, and put it on your knees it wouldn’t be a first class dish. You need to think about tables, chairs, silverware, atmosphere, serving

Besides really well-made services you we need to serve them beautifully. And this beauty starts when business make friends. When you promote your business. And simplicity is the key

New e-mail newsletter for C.T. Foligno

Clean ad beautifully presented ad idea I made using simple presentation and MailChimp platform.

I wish that I businesses have “ad-file accounting”. It’s when all files that you use pretty often such as logo, branded photos and pictures should be in a same place somewhere in the cloud. And in all the necessary formats. It’s a simple order and It should be done once.

It will help to even small businesses became more recognisable and friendly for the customers. But it’s in the ideal world. Meanwhile I try to make something better and nicer with blindfold on my eyes.

In addition

this is an ad for the same complain but in Insragram

Additional format made for Instagram post to bring more visibility to image and not let distort it

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