I’m making brand identity for real estate agency “Atlas” in Sochi, Russia. So, it’s be logo & a huge brand book

My first approach went like this

I decided to start with space and golden colors, I also tried to make in look interesting on a paper

Client added some color corrections

Honestly IDK why they told me to get rid of the star in a logo, also they selected the colors (the green is not printable). But we’ve made corrections of lettering and color scheme. No Canva involved.

Calm Grey


Unprintable Green


Paper White


At the moment of writing of article I've stopped here

Finally we’ve choose this layout. Some colors of the logo, which will be more or less printable, also cool point of view. Usually project like this take about a week to finish. I made it in one day including all presentations and designs. Looking forward to many other things that I can offer to this project. I’m making again Russian-style logos and I’m kinda’ happy.

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