When all the work, study, friends are moved to one single table, sooner or later, wine should’ve come there. One of the working nights is vividly illustrated by a quote from Randy Marsh from South Park: I’m not having a glass of wine! I’m having SIX. It’s called a tasting and it’s classy! And then my laptop died. Just immediately. Well, at least its top part. Not the one with the monitor, but the other top one with the keyboard. Literally on the first of May. In the meddle of a lockdown in Italy. So, this is ho May joined my list of “All the months of 2020 that are shiet”. On the friendly question Apple support “How’s your day?” sincerely replied that he was a “it was shieeeet”. After all, I went little wild and forgot that in English this is not such question at all, but just another form of the word “Hello”, and it is not necessary to answer all the more sincerely. The support said that only authorized centers can repair the laptop, because the official stores are closed. And at that moment no one knew when they would open. And I know the local centers. I myself have more screwdrivers than they have. ⁣
And here the IDEA! 💡 It is necessary to call to my friend in Russia. He is generally brilliant when you need to fix any kind of Mac. Honestly my personal repairing skills is changing memory on MacBooks. And that is not on my own because it is scary. Thru the FaceTime, we’ve disassembled the laptop together to the last screw. My friend understood what exactly was dead. And the most interesting thing is that he found in Italian (!) E-Bay (!!) French model (!!!) of the top case, which also arrived the next day by courier to the doorstep. ⁣⁣ ⠀
We assembled the MacBook in the same way on the FaceTime. And naturally, the first time this bucket did not start. I really don’t know how, but Vlad, by one short video flyover above the corpse of my MacBook, understood which of the cables I hadn’t screw properly. ⁣⁣⠀
So, I’m getting out of quarantine as a better person. Firstly, I drink much less wine near my laptop. Secondly, I have a very good remote adapter of the straight-arms. And thirdly, I now have a visible layout AZERTY, which amuses me terribly. Not to mention how much I saved …

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