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My passion is Italian wine & hospitality. 🍕 Using my design skills I make them shine

My Story

I was born in middle of the middle of the Russia. My home town is located not so far (by Russian standards) from Moscow. I worked as a graphic designer since 2001 in a printing house. In 2006 I moved to Sochi, where I pushed my graphic skills forward.

Year 2016 is the year when I finally decided to change my life completely. I moved to Italy and started new business with my family. We have B&B on a beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy, also I started new project with Gambero Rosso Academy.

Where I’ve Worked

2016 – Now
Business owner in Italy
Head of Design in ad company
Lead designer in fashion magazine
Junior Designer Publishing house

La mia proposta ai Ristoratori del regione Campania

Dotandovi di un menu che renderà il vostro lavoro e quello dei vostri collaboratori più semplice, sicuro e veloce

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My family business

My hotel, apartments & blog about smallest village of Italy. It is also my first Italian business

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My passion


Italian food and wine project in collaboration with Gambero Rosso Academy of Naples

Italian & Russian


Coming soon…

New project

It’s a new project I’ve been developing some times for now. It should be launched really soon..

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Full moon of august 2014 right here with me…

Dear diary… My personal blog


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My personal Apple Watch band
Menu new era restaurant
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Nikolashka video recipe
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Instagram ads for the restauraunt
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