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My passion is Italian wine & hospitality. Using my design skills I make them shine

My B&B & blog about smallest village of Italy
My food & wine project in collaboration with Gambero Rosso academy

My Story

I was born in middle of the middle of the Russia. My home town is located not so far (by Russian standards) from Moscow. I worked as a graphic designer since 2001 in a printing house. In 2006 I moved to Sochi, where I pushed my graphic skills forward.

Year 2016 is the year when I finally decided to change my life completely. I moved to Italy and started new business with my family. We have B&B on a beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy, also I started new project with Gambero Rosso Academy.

Where I’ve Worked

2016 – Now
Business owner in Italy
Head of Design in ad company
Lead designer in fashion magazine
Junior Designer Publishing house

New in blog

Design stuff

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Nikolashka Cold appetizer, named after Nicholas I of Russia who, according the legend, invented it.…
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When all the work, study, friends are moved to one single table, sooner or later,…
Design stuff

Instagram ads for the restauraunt

Some post-quarantine ads for local restaurant in Atrani After 2 month of all the things…
Design stuff
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